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Hello, my name is Sherry Drolet and I am the key Designer and Organizer for Totally Transformed. I started my own business here in Arizona almost five years ago, after leaving the corporate world after 20 years in the property management and real estate development field.


I carry with me a diverse background that lends itself to my abilities to do many tasks and be creative in many arenas. As I earned my way through college as a restaurant server and admissions assistant, and even worked the weekends as a fashion model, I soon realized I was always attracted to a new adventure or challenge. Usually applying to jobs seeking an “organized and detail-oriented” person I would quickly get everything organized and running smoothly, and soon find myself getting bored and looking for new challenges and things to be organized.

So, after many years and many “hats” it was when I left the workplace to stay at home with my kids that I really got to dabble in owning my own business. I started with a cleaning business where I would travel with child in playpen and clean condos; then once my son got old enough to start climbing out of the playpen, I started an in-home licensed family day care for a few years, and then moved on to being a Creative Memories Consultant and shortly after my passion found me…as a fellow Consultant noted how organized I was and offered to pay me to “organize” her products, office and scrapbook room; and then raved to others about what I did for her, I realized this is what I wanted to do when “I grew up!”. so I started my first organizing business in Florida, called “Everything In Its Place”.


After a few years and a career change for my husband, we moved to Arizona; another adventure, another house to decorate (like the last three I had lived in); and I was in my glory! But a little intimidated to start my business from “scratch” in a new state with very little contacts, so I went back into the “corporate” world of property management, where again others would seek me out to help get them organized; even my boss’ wife heard I used to be an “organizer” and hired me to organize her kids play area…and the passion was back! I soon after found myself decorating my sales office, helping plan and decorate for parties and getting my courage back to start adding clients to my list. So, it was just a few short years before I decided to go back to my first love…and I started another business along side my husband which we currently own and operate together with my Totally Transformed business.

So here I am, after 10 years still loving what I do. Redesign, Organizing and Space Planning all go hand in hand, and utilizes the full extent of my quest for variety, creativity and planning. Each job is its own “project” no two spaces are the same, and I am NEVER bored! In owning my own business, I get the joy of creating new spaces,

organizing rooms, plus the challenge of running a business. It hits all the realms of my desires and keeps me moving on, changing, redirecting and creating new and unique experiences every day.

So, if you want someone who truly loves what she is doing, loves to hear peoples ideas and make their home a place not just to live…but to LOVE; then I am here to assist you! I have joyfully had the opportunity to Redesign, Organize and Space Plan over 400 spaces; so with this kind of track record…I don’t think there is a space I haven’t done yet! But, if you think you have one that will “stump” me, I am always up for the challenge!


I can always help you find a new look for your space be it organizing, redesigning or space planning your home. I will listen to your requests and put together a great affordable plan for your space….I work with ANY budget to help get your space organized or designed; it is my passion and my goal is to help everyone have the home they have always wanted, but never had the time to do themselves. So, call me today to set up your in-home, no obligation 90-minute consultation!

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